Echodrama Cultural Group (Greece) and TheaterFilmFest gUG Company (Germany) are inviting dance and dancetheatre teachers to participate in the learning mobility of individuals programme "Cultural Education through DanceTheatre", co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, through the Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation, which is appointed as the National Agency for Erasmus+ for the Youth sector in Greece, on the Greek island of Skiathos. Forty six (46) selected teachers, 23 based in Greece and 23 based in Germany, will be given the opportunity to participate in the research project on how to teach the intangible culture of a place through Dance and Dance-Theatre.


Description of the Project

The project consists of workshops, individual research, exchange of ideas with the other participants, parallel activities and events, as well as co-creation and participation in small dance-theatre pieces inspired by the intangible heritage of a place, which will be presented at the Municipal Theatre of Skiathos Island.

The "Cultural Education Through Dance-Theatre" project is an initiative project with a dual aim

- Professional development of dance teachers in order to organize creative workshops for marginalized youth

- Contribution to the social issue of refugees' and immigrants' integration within local communities through cultural and artistic education.


The dance teachers who will participate in the mobility activity will research ways of teaching the intangible culture of a country to young people by using the borderless language of dance. This kind of training will be particularly useful in the case of teaching young immigrants and refugees, who do not necessarily speak the language of the host country, to get acquainted with local culture, learn values of the host country, socialize with locals, explore host country's culture, promote intercultural dialogue, interact with local artists and thus facilitate their integration and improve mutual understanding between local population and refugees.


Submissions are due by APRIL 30, 2017



Skiathos Island, Greece



Who can apply

Dance and dance-theatre teachers



Number of participants

23 selected by Echodrama Cultural Group (based in Greece) + 23 selected by TFF Company (based in Germany).



Expenses covered

-Travel expenses : a) airfare from Düsseldorf to Skiathos and from Skiathos to Düsseldorf, for the Germany-based participants and b) travel expenses from Athens to Skiathos and from Skiathos to Athens, for the Greece-based participants.

- fees

-Meals and accommodation for the whole duration of the project.



At the end of the 2-week project, a presentation/performance of the ideas gathered will be presented at the Municipal Theatre of Skiathos Island.


Criteria for the selection of participants

- Availability and interest for participating in the project

- To be based in Germany or Greece

- Have a valid Passport

- To be dance and/or dance-theatre teachers (experienced in teaching dance and dance-theatre to young people)

- To be interested in working with vulnerable groups (immigrants and refugees) or to have experience in working with these groups and promoting cultural integration

- To be committed to the transfer of knowledge and skills obtained to other professionals and to further exploit the learning outcomes

- To be motivated to lifelong learning professional development