A music-dance performance where the West meets the East  and tradition meets technology. Original music and songs, contemporary dance, narration and video projections, based on the myths of Apollo and Amaterasu, Sun Gods of ancient Greece and Japan. The music and the choreographies draw elements from both cultures. There are surtitles in Japanese.


Created by:
Sevi Dimitriadou (choreographer), Yannis Pisimisis (music composer)


Artistic team:
Choreographers: Sevi Dimitriadou, Echodrama Cultural Group
Original music composer: Yannis Pisimisis
Lighting designer: Nick Eustratiadis
Digital images and sound director: Philippos Pantazopoulos
Lyrics, selection of texts: Yannis Pisimisis
Narration: Martha Papadopoulou, Yannis Pisimisis


Produced by:
Echodrama Cultural Group