The cave - Χορόδραμα - Πολιτιστική Ομάδα Ηχόδραμα - Echodrama

D A N C E   T H E A T R E


A Contemporary Look at the Cave Allegory of

Plato’s "Republic" (Politeia)


A performance with dance, music and video art.

The artificial reality of “shadows”, the awakening, the quest, the discovery, the consequences are dramaturgically and emotionally presented through contemporary choreographies and image intervals of present life.

The performance is a creation of ECHODRAMA Cultural Group, in cooperation with well-known choreographers and dancers from Greece and abroad (England, France, Germany, Cuba), graduated students from professional schools of dancing, the National School of Orchestral Art and the Greek National Opera. The music of the performance, which is an original score, and the video-art, which is going to be presented during the performance, they will reinforce the dramaturgy of the play.



Summer 2013



Vrilisia ("Aliki Vougiouklaki" theatre) Friday, July 12 9 pm
Petroupoli ("Petras" theatre) Tuesday, July 16 9:30 pm
Kythira Friday, August 2  
Laurio Sunday, August 25  
Hydra (Museum) Tuesday, August 27 («Kountourioteia» festival)  
Aigaleo Thursday, August 29  
Poros Saturday, September 7  
Pallini Friday, September 20  
Papagou (Kipotheatro) Monday, September 23  
Piraias (Veakeio) Tuesday, September 24 9pm



Dramaturgy: Sevi Dimitriadou, Phaedra Pisimisi
Music: ionnix (Yannis Pisimisis)
Choreographic Editor: Daniela Pisimisi
Choreographies: Daniela Pisimisi, Phaedra Pisimisi,
Alain Rivero Rodriguez,
Giorgos Dayadas and the dancers
Video Art: TRANSET, Filippos Pantazopoulos
Costumes: Labrini Katsaounou
Lightings: Linos Meitanis

Alain Rivero Rodriguez,
Katerina Alexandraki,
Nodas Damopoulos,
Smaralia Karakosta,
Argyris Koudounas,
Eri Papacharalambous,
Daniela Pisimisi,
Faidra Pisimisi,
Christos Tagridis,
Jenny Topsidou,
Dimitris Antonopoulos,
Eleni Giannoudi





The Cave - Trailer



The cave - Χορόδραμα - Πολιτιστική Ομάδα Ηχόδραμα - EchodramaWith the co-funding of Greece and European Regional Development Fund, in the framework of ROD “Attica”, NSRF 2007-2013.