E r o s - H e r o

based on the novel Eros-Hero by Alexandros Papadiamantis


Unfulfilled love. Human love. Can they coexist? In the novel “Eros-Hero”, Alexandros Papadiamantis gives his answer to this question, influenced by the social framework of his time. ECHODRAMA Cultural Group dramatizes in its own way the emotions and dilemmas reflected through the characters of the novel.

Friday 1 September 2017

9 p.m.


at Bourtzi Municipal Theatre.



With contemporary choreography and original music inspired by tradition and expressed in a contemporary way, ECHODRAMA Cultural Group dramatises thoughts about where the repression of feelings by the social environment can lead. The narration and the lyrics of the songs taken directly from Papadiamantis’ text, combined with live vocals and percussion, enrich the performance, adding the power of tradition to the contemporary element of the choreography.

Phaedra Pisimisi is a contemporary dancer of the Opera of Northern Rhein-Westfalia and a choreographer-dancer in professional dance ensembles in Germany. Daniel Carlos Medeiros Almeida (Brazil) is a dancer of the State Theatre of Erfurt and a choreographer-dancer in professional dance ensembles in Germany. Choreographer and dancer Daniela Pisimisi has choreographed “The Cave” and “Rhei”, the two successful contemporary dance performances of ECHODRAMA Cultural Group, and has participated as a dancer and choreographer in contemporary dance and dance-theatre performances. Dancers Christos Tagridis and Avgoustinos Fytilis have participated in theatre, dance-theatre and contemporary dance performances. Music composer Yannis Pisimisis, who has also created the lyrics directly from Papadiamantis’ text, has a long experience in composing music for performances which dramatise literary and philosophical texts. He has composed music for dance, theatre and dance-theatre performances, as well as for documentaries, in both Greece and the U.S.A.

ECHODRAMA Cultural Group has a long experience in contemporary dance performances inspired by literature and philosophy and has presented its productions in Greece and abroad. For more information, you can visit its official website:



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Production credits:   



Phaedra Pisimisi

Phaedra Pisimisi with the dancers of the ensembl


ionnix (Yannis Pisimisis)


Anastasia Hatzipavlou

Set Design:

Hillel Ansky

Art Direction:

Sevi Dimitriadou, Daniela Pisimisi


Daniel Carlos Medeiros Almeida,
Phaedra Pisimisi, Daniela Pisimisi,
Christos Tagridis, Avgoustinos Fytilis


Sound Engineering:

Sound Recording:

Promo video:

Hillel Ansky, Phaedra Pisimisi

Philippos Pantazopoulos

Demis Bithas

Philippe Waldecker


Maksim Hartwig


This performance uses techniques and methods from the workshop “Training in contemporary dance and dance-theatre”, which took place in Germany and was co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme through the State Scholarships Foundation (IKY).


teaser of "EROS - HERO" - ECHODRAMA Cultural Group from Echodrama Cultural Group on Vimeo.




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